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Our Service

OrbiTrav is a premier travel service provider, offering professional tailor-made African holidays and adventures for esteemed guests who wish to experience all that the continent has to offer. Through our deep understanding and knowledge of Africa and its people, we are able to offer exposure to specific environments, regions and cultures which are all guaranteed to create awe- inspiring moments and memories, for all visitors, irrespective of whether or not they have a history with the continent.

Our familiarity with Africa allows us to cater for guests in the most thorough manner, and we ourselves do not follow a standard or set itinerary, but rather strive to create authentic and unique experiences for each individual or group. During this process, we take in to consideration the ultimate comfort of our guests, the movement and patterns of local wildlife, as well as seasonal weather variations and their associated ramifications.

With all of this in mind and with the ideology to always ‘travel with ambition’, we set forth to create ultimate experiences, encompassing all aspects of travel and thereby exceeding all expectations, requests and travel ambitions.

Once you have become part of the OrbiTrav family, you will share in our passion for travel and love of all things Africa. You can expect to be part of a very engaging, tailor-made holiday package, whereby our ideas are well communicated each and every step of the way and a wide array of options are discussed throughout the ‘conception phases’, in order to ensure that we are able to surpass your expectations and completely fulfill our promise of creating an authentic African adventure of a lifetime! 


What makes us unique?


OrbiTrav was founded through extensive experience in the African tourism industry.


We have hand selected the best quality lodges and locations, to meet our mission of providing unique and authentic experiences.

Tailor Made

We strive to create unique and authentic experiences for our clients, that are specifically tailored to meet each individual's needs. Leaving you with memories that last a lifetime. 

Personal Relationship

OrbiTrav's founders are two individuals who have a close and personal relationship with Namibia through strong family heritage.


We have an in-depth understanding of Namibia as a country and Africa as a continent.


OrbiTrav is fully owned and operated by avid travelers. This means that we service all nationalities and countries, and ultimately strive to increasing accessibility to Africa for the worldwide tourism market.

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